Diversity and Inclusion

Author: Liza Lind, Co-Founder, COO & Inclusion Lead
Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is a hot topic within the gaming industry and something we at GOALS have actively chosen to work with from the beginning. We work with all parts, from creating a great organizational culture where everyone can thrive, to making the game representative and diverse, thereby inviting everyone to play the game.

To us it’s simple. For whom are we making the game? We are making it for the community. For the guy who watches every game at the Kop, following the team from great victories to mid-December fights in snowy rain. For the young woman who wants to become a pro but struggles with a knee injury. For the kids taking the ball to the local football field every day after school. For the non-binary, that has never touched a ball but loves the crowd screaming their favorite team name at Katowice. 

We want everyone to feel like a part of GOALS, regardless of if you’re a part of the team making the game or if you are playing it. We will always listen to our community, and we see it as a two-way communication. 

The great thing about football is that almost every person in the world is able to play it. We want to take that into the digital world. We want to make a game not only for those who can afford a next-gen console, even though it of course is going to look great at the next gens as well. 

We have a great challenge in inviting more women to play the game. The current status of women players in sports games is actually horrible. According to surveys, women make up about 2% of sports games players. So why is the percentage so low? We refuse to believe that women do not want to play sports games. However, there are a few explanations. In my future articles, I will dig deeper into these explanations.

Women and LGBTQIA players are more likely to be exposed to hatred only. This is something we take seriously. Making a game where we eradicate hate and let everyone just be a gamer - playing the sport they love - is key to GOALS. 

We know that representation is important. Representation when it comes to sex, gender, expression and identity of sex/gender, color, age, religion, disability, and many more. We need to have a team that is diverse, and we need to make the game diverse. Honestly, everything plain is boring. We want all the colors of the community. We appreciate you. 

As a final remark, I know that a lot of what I’ve been writing may sound cliche. I do want to give a promise to our community that this is not only talk. Keep following GOALS and feel free to start conversations in our Discord.

What do you think? We want to hear from you. Come talk to us and the community on Discord.

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